N.A.O.R.C.A started as a LinkedIn Group to collaborate, educate, provide training and promote awareness of the worldwide epidemic of organized retail crimes. NAORCA has grown to over 2700 members worldwide. On September 18th, 2012  The National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association was incorporated in Massachusetts.

We are now working with clients globally.  Our team is passionate and dedicated at organized retail crime prevention and strongly believe we can make a global impact through networking, collaboration, education, training and awareness.

In 2012 Our Executive Director Christopher J. McGourty was asked by Matt Pillar ~ Editor and chief of Integrated solutions for retailers online about Organized Retail Crime and Christopher added:

 “We know that to successfully combat these types of crime, the industry needs new tools and skills that are different from those we’ve used to defeat traditional sources of internal and external shrink.” McGourty explains, “These are often complex financial crimes, they involve fraud and counterfeiting, and they are much more forensics-intensive than typical shoplifting cases. As such, they require specific skills, and increased collaboration among private enterprises and law enforcement groups and we hope other businesses and individuals will support our efforts.”

The National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association is a growing association and dedicated at combating the global epidemic of organized retail crime. Industry experts estimate the cost of organized retail crime to just the United States is about $30-$40 Billion a year. The financial costs means higher prices for consumers and less taxes for state and local governments. Many safety and health issues arise as well to consumers.